Jim Schwartz is proud to offer hosting by Rochen® for clients who want fast, secure, business-grade hosting. Most of our clients opt to have us set up their website hosting account under our Rochen umbrella account and maintain that account for them going forward. That means that Jim Schwartz will

  • monitor the site for available upgrades to the many functional components of your website (important);
  • set up any email accounts you need;
  • communicate on your behalf with Rochen tech support in case of problems;
  • make quickly-done edits that you aren’t able to do yourself…at no extra cost.

Rochen is premium hosting, costing a bit more than GoDaddy, HostGator and other popular shared hosts. But the payoff comes in terms of speed, automatic backups, security, and high-quality tech support. If you’d prefer to purchase the hosting directly from Rochen®, we honor that decision. You just won’t get the services listed above.